We offer to help individuals, couples and families.

What is counselling:
Perhaps you, or someone close to you, would like help because you feel distress, struggling with your faith, isolated, suicidal, low self-esteem, relationships, helpless or burdened. Counselling provides a safe place to explore your thoughts and feelings.

What your counsellor will offer:
A counsellor is trained to listen with attention, understanding and the ability to reflect on what you say in a non-judgmental way. It is important that when you feel in need of counselling help, you can find someone who you can trust and is professionally trained.
Good counselling is associated with reputable training institutions whose standards and qualifications are recognised.

Your counsellor will normally offer once weekly sessions, each for 1 hour on regular basis. You will negotiate a contract between you that represents the commitment of both parties working together. The contract Includes, the agreed day and time of the meeting arrangements for holiday’s cancellation and payments.

We offer Pre-marital Counselling and run a Loss and Bereavement group.

Pre-marital Counselling.
We offer a course of 8 sessions (90 minutes each module) for couples preparing for marriage. Instructions are given by Ministers but also include coaching from lay people who share from their experiences.

Loss and Bereavement group
For further information, please see Loss and Bereavement page

For further information on Counselling, please contact the Church office:

Tel             020 8769 5174

All information revealed during the course of counselling will be held in strict confidence. No member of the Counselling team will release any information in regards to the counselling of a specific individual, couple, family, or group without the express written consent of the persons involved.