Well-being day Participants & Practitioners


Participants and Practitioners will be at hand to provide attendees with advice and answer queries where possible on the following topics:

Healthy Living – Healthy Eating & Nutrition – Health & Fitness – Blood Pressure Checks
Physiotherapy – Massage – Gardening – How to Stop Smoking
Parenting Program & Get Ahead with Mental Health Fitness Program
Counselling & Spiritual Health – Mental Health Advice 


Stroke prevention & Deep Vein Thrombosis
Registered Nurse Neomi Bennett and colleague will facilitate a talk on Stroke prevention, Deep Vein Thrombosis and the award winning “Neo slip”.

Did you know?
It is estimated that 25,000 people die in the UK of preventable Deep Vein Thrombosis.
Postoperative patients and Travellers (travelling longer than 4 hours) are at very high risk.
Wearing anti-embolism stockings could save their lives.
Some nurses and patients however find anti-embolism stockings hard to put on and even more worryingly some patience are not wearing these stockings because of this.

Neomi Bennett invented the “Neo slip” to help apply anti-embolism stockings with ease. The Neo-slip is a low friction pouch, which goes on the foot before the stocking & creates a lubricous environment that makes the stocking slide/glide into place.

Click here for more information on the neo-slip


Danile Granato, is a physiotherapist specialist on the original Pilates method. She has helped lots of people to get rid of their back pain.
On Saturday July 12th Danile will teach you the secrets of how to bounce back the back pain forever.

click here for more information about the original Pilates method